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Semi Truck Rims & Accessories

Nothing finishes the look of a truck better than bright, shiny rims. We supply aluminum truck rims, stainless wheel simulators and a wide variety of axle covers to fit every need.  Your tow truck, big rig, trailer, garbage truck or any other type of truck will really stand out with our rims.

For ultimate good looks, aluminum rims complete the picture. Virgo Fleet supplies both Accuride and Alcoa rims for trucks, in standard and “Dura-Brite” finishes.

We carry a large selection of styles and shapes to fit your taste.

Nut covers are a fine finishing touch for truck rims, but are not only for wheels.  We stock a full selection of covers in many sizes for chassis bolts, bumper bolts, and any other place that needs a bit of shine and polish. Ideal for any freightliner truck, international truck, kenworth truck, mack truck, peterbilt truck, volvo truck, and many other commercial trucks.

Harsh winter weather makes driving difficult for everyone.  Z- chain snow chains make traction easier, allowing operators of trucks and heavy equipment to continue working even in dangerous conditions.  If your tire size is not shown, please call.  We can supply chains for all tire sizes. We also supply snow plow lights, replacement blades and other plow parts. ...

Oil seals, tire pressure equalizers, valve stem extensions and wheel checks are also in stock at Virgo Fleet.

Stainless steel wheel covers and simulators are available in many sizes and are a relatively inexpensive way to dress up this important part of the truck, as well as a way to streamline wheels for less air drag and greater fuel efficiency. We stock stainless steel wheel covers and simulators in all sizes - from 16 inch through 24.5 inch, for both disc style steel wheels and the older classic...