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Safety/Truck Equipment

Safety items range from truck GPS navigation systems, back up alarms and wheel chocks to cleaning supplies, fuel additives and a variety of other items to keep equipment running well. They are perfect for all tow trucks, dump trucks, semi trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks or any other type of truck.

We carry a full selection of copper lugs, cotter pins and hitch pins to use on all major truck brands: catetpillar,  freightliner, hino, international, kemnworth, mack, peterbilt, volvo and western star trucks

12 volt truck back up alarm sound when you put you truck in reverse. Ideal for all tow trucks, semi trucks, big rigs, dump trucks, garbage truck flatbeds or any commercial truck.

Federal rules ban hand held cell phones for drivers of buses and trucks.  Virgo Fleet stocks the Blue Parrot bluethooth hands-free professional grade headset which is compatible with cell phones and Bluetooth computers. Perfect for drivers of  tow trucks, semi trucks, big rigs, dump trucks, garbage truck flatbeds or any commercial truck.

Virgo Fleet stocks a selection of accessories, microphones, boosters, scanners and antennas to complement the standard CB radio. A perfect addition to any freightliner truck, international truck, kenworth truck, mack truck or peterbilt truck.

Our slection of chemicals are ideal to keep your truck running smoothly in winter. Perfect for all  major truck brands: caterpillar, freightliner, hino, international, kemnworth, mack, peterbilt western star, and volvo trucks

With cleaning aids like our wash brushes, metal polishes, jeweler’s rouge, buffing pads and pressure washers, Virgo Fleet can help you keep your semi truck, tow truck, dump truck, flatbed truck, big rig, looking like new. Virgo carries a  large assortment of cleaning aids. 

The unique fuel tank guard protects your expensive fuel investment. It does not replace the original fuel cap but instead locks over it. Use the fuel guard when you are away from your truck or when sleeping.  Fuel guards are designed to fit specific trucks like Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo and others.

Our GPS navigation system is designed specifically for commercial drivers, allowing them to navigate unfamiliar territory easily.  It shows truck restricted areas allowing avoidance of these areas when routing. A must for all semi trucks, international trucks, mack trucks, freightliner trucks, kenworth truck, peterbilt trucks and any commercial truck.

Safety issues are extremely important on the road. Virgo Fleet's safety equipment such as triangle kits, over size signs, fire extinguishers, safety vests, as well as back-up collision avoidance systems and video camera systems are vital to keeping safety a priority for tow trucks, dump trucks flatbeds and may other types of trucks. 

Harsh winter weather makes driving difficult for everyone.  Z- chain snow chains make traction easier, allowing operators of trucks and heavy equipment to continue working even in dangerous conditions.  If your tire size is not shown, please call.  We can supply chains for all tire sizes. We also supply snow plow lights, replacement blades and other plow parts. ...

Heavy duty wheel chocks keep any freightliner truck, international truck, kenworth truck tow truck, mack truck, dump truck, peterbilt truck or volvo truck in place.