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Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam caused by a large truck stuck under an underpass on a road designated for passenger cars only?  This tends to happen to truckers from out of state who are not familiar with local road restrictions.  This can be avoided by use of a GPS navigation system designed for truckers.  These systems provide truckers with up to date information about road conditions, truck stop locations, rest areas, CAT scale locations and, most importantly, which roads are open to large trucks and automatically direct the driver to those areas when routing. 

Truck Tarping Systems

Federal and State Departments of Transportation require that all cargo transported over the road  be secured and immobilized.  This is required to prevent items from falling or blowing out of the vehicle causing costly and dangerous situations.  Flying debris can cause property damage at the least, and injury or death in the worst scenarios.

Z Chains – The better way to navigate in foul weather

With winter approaching, it is time to consider using tire chains on all vehicles, especially trucks and heavy equipment that must move, no matter what the weather conditions are.  A Consumer Reports article states that 41% of all weather-related crashes on the road are due to sleet, ice and slush.  Snow tires can provide superior grip for forward driving, stopping and cornering, whatever the type of vehicle.  Chains should be installed on drive axles.


Truck rims are manufactured in both aluminum and steel.  The most popular are aluminum.  They are strong, light weight and attractive, but they require polishing to maintain their shine.  Steel wheels are not as attractive, but require much less work to keep clean.  However, their plain appearance leaves many truckers dissatisfied and wanting to do something to brighten things up.  Wheel covers and simulators can provide the finishing touch at a fraction of the cost of aluminum.


dsah cam

Many of us have seen dash cams on TV programs as well as on YouTube. At one time only police and services like them could afford to install a dash cam in their vehicle. Today prices have become more affordable, that almost anyone can afford a dash cam.