Z Chains – The better way to navigate in foul weather

With winter approaching, it is time to consider using tire chains on all vehicles, especially trucks and heavy equipment that must move, no matter what the weather conditions are.  A Consumer Reports article states that 41% of all weather-related crashes on the road are due to sleet, ice and slush.  Snow tires can provide superior grip for forward driving, stopping and cornering, whatever the type of vehicle.  Chains should be installed on drive axles.

Typically snow chains are manufactured using high grade chain links to provide traction and stability.  However, there is a different type of chain on the market that uses cables in a Z pattern that work better and are easier to install and use.  The Z pattern cross members provide constant contact with the road, providing superior starting, stopping and cornering.  Included rubber tighteners adjust the products on the tire while the vehicle is in motion without the need to stop to tighten the chains.  Because of their low profile, less space is required around the drive tires.  

This type of “chain” also lowers the potential for damage to the vehicle than conventional chains.  Often when a section of chain breaks, it can swing around and damage the fenders and body, as well as potentially cause injury to people.  If a cross member of the Z-type chain should break, it will not swing about and will not affect the other parts of the assembly.  The vehicle can still move forward and the other cross members will continue to provide traction.  The broken cross member can be replaced, as opposed to the conventional chain assemblies.

Another feature of the Z-chain is the ease of installation and removal.  There is no need to jack up the vehicle to install or remove these assemblies.    The one piece design allows for fast and easy installation and removal. 

Z chains are available to all types of vehicles – light and heavy duty trucks as well as passenger cars.  These traction devices are legal in every state and province in North America. 

Z –Chains are available at Virgo Fleet Supplies.   https://www.virgofleet.com/snow-chains-0