Truck Tarping Systems

Federal and State Departments of Transportation require that all cargo transported over the road  be secured and immobilized.  This is required to prevent items from falling or blowing out of the vehicle causing costly and dangerous situations.  Flying debris can cause property damage at the least, and injury or death in the worst scenarios.

One way to cover dump trucks, trailers and flat beds is with tarps and tie downs.  However, this is time consuming and in the case of larger vehicles can also be very dangerous.  Tthe driver must climb onto the load and along the sides of the truck to complete the operation.

A better way to comply with the law is a mechanical tarping system for trucks and trailers.  These systems can be used on trucks as small as 12 feet and up to 40 feet in length. Smaller trucks can use mechanical systems that require manually cranking the tarp into place or electronic systems that handle the job more easily and quickly.  Electronic systems are more desirable for larger trucks.

Tarping systems are sold completer with aluminum arms to spread the cover over the load, electric motors, springs, in-cab switches and all mounting hardware.  Replacement parts are available for all brands.  Tarping loads help prevent personal injury - both to the worker and bystanders - and proberty damage.  Tarping systems also help eliminate costly fines for opjects flying and/or falling off the truck....most jursidictions are actively enforcing this law.

Virgo Fleet supplies carries the major brands of tarping systems, such as Aero, Mountain Tarp, US Tarp, Pioneer Cover-All and Roll-Rite, along with replacement parts.  All tarping systems and parts are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.