Since the invention of the automobile there has always been a healthy competition amongst owners for the vehicles they love and whose ride is better, bigger, faster! Over the years, these events have been broken down into very specific niches. Some of the biggest events held are for semi and diesel trucks. People have gathered in fields, on black top and at racetracks all across the U.S. to compare their trucks against others. Some race down ¼ mile tracks, some compete strictly on the appearance of their rigs and some make it a company/family day out complete with barbeques, drinks and time to relax.

Locally, in the Tri State area of NY, NJ and CT, the largest and most anticipated truck show was the US Diesel Nationals at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. For over 40 years Raceway hosted the event that brought in trucks not only the Tri State, but from all over. 1000s of diesel trucks would converge on the black top of Raceway Park to spend a day at the races and show off their rides.

To see all of the pride and polish was quite impressive. What was more impressive was knowing the work these people put into getting ready for a one day show in September. Commercial trucks work around the clock and most seven days a week. When there is down time, that’s when drivers, mechanics and owners get in to show mode - fully cleaning, polishing and sprucing up their fleets for the shows. These truck shows are great events for all - owners, operators and the spectators. It gives all a moment to appreciate the American trucker and see the pride they put into their equipment and career.

If you bought it, a truck brought it.

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