Bumpers mounted on the front of trucks were originally used to help prevent damage to the truck if a collision occurred. It is designed to protect not only the driver but the hood, engine, grille, as well as safety equipment such as headlights.

Truck bumpers originally were made of steel that could be painted to match the vehicle. As time went on and the design of the trucks evolved so did the bumper. As chrome plated parts became more popular on vehicles, semi-truck companies such as Mack, Peterbilt, Freightliner and Kenworth added chrome plated steel bumpers to their trucks, the drivers loved it. Truck drivers all across the American roads were now adding and designing their own chrome bumpers for their rigs, adding a personal touch to their truck.

 Semi-truck chrome bumpers are available in many sizes and configurations. From stock sizes: 16” to 24” Texas square styles. Cutouts can be made to add chicken lights to light up the American highways.

Semi-truck bumpers have changed again, now also available in polished stainless steel, fiberglass or plastic. But the uniqueness of the American truck driver never changed. They still replace or customize their truck bumper whenever possible.