Semi-truck mud flaps are a DOT requirement. They are a safety device to help prevent debris from kicking up and flying out of the back of a truck and hitting other vehicles on the road, causing damage or leaving accidents in their wake. The mud flaps are most commonly constructed of different thicknesses of rubber and have anti spray patterns on the back side to help keep the rain water and other materials from going airborne.

As long as mud flaps have been required to be put on commercial vehicles, truck owners and operators have used this to help advertise their company or fleet by printing the flaps with their company logo and contact information. Mud flaps on the back of commercial trucks even show the driver’s own personality with custom chrome cut outs. We have all seen the “sitting nude mud flap girl”. The mud flap decorations have expanded to all sorts of new chrome cut outs, hoses, pigs, roosters, tractors, solid bottom weights and now custom mud flap bottom weights with a company name or saying cut out on them.

Next time you’re driving behind a semi-truck you can feel safe in knowing that the driver has taken pride in his ride and cares about your safety because of the mud flaps on the rig.