Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam caused by a large truck stuck under an underpass on a road designated for passenger cars only?  This tends to happen to truckers from out of state who are not familiar with local road restrictions.  This can be avoided by use of a GPS navigation system designed for truckers.  These systems provide truckers with up to date information about road conditions, truck stop locations, rest areas, CAT scale locations and, most importantly, which roads are open to large trucks and automatically direct the driver to those areas when routing. 

Some of these navigation systems have additional features such as entertainment functions like movies and music, high resolution screens and the ability to add points of interest for future reference.   All of this makes a trucker’s job a lot easier and more efficient since he or she can get to pick-up and delivery locations with a minimum of effort, especially in places not visited previously.

These days of electronic technology have seen so many changes in the way we interact with each other and the world, it is not surprising that the trucking industry should be included in the mix.  This is the future, and all these technologies play an important part in making everyone’s lives better.