Blueparrott B450XT Headset

Blue Tooth Wireless Headsets

Truckers transport 80% of all the cargo that moves around the United States, making this industry vital for the American economy.

It is no secret though that trucking can be dangerous; lousy weather conditions, long-hour drives and heavy loads make this profession one of the toughest ones out there. However, there are also good reasons to feel proud of such an outstanding job and service to our country.

To improve both safety and comfort, most truck drivers use Bluetooth Headsets that allow them to talk on the phone hands-free and quickly without having to touch their smartphone or take their attention away from the road.

Blue Parrot is one of the best hands-free blue tooth headsets on the market. confirming its reputation as one of the most recommended brands in the world for on-the-road headsets and communication devices. The company’s almost three decades of history have witnessed a remarkable development it what in 1989, represented an open field for technological advance.

Becoming and remaining a leading power in the headset market is only possible through a combination of sustained quality, innovation and customer support that only a few businesses like Blue Parrot can deliver.

Its B450-XT offers customers a World-class sound achieving to eliminate 96% of the ambient noise, guaranteeing unbeatable communication quality.

The B450-XT also offers an extended wireless range of up to 300 ft. plus 24 hours of talk and 500 hours of standby time thanks to its modern and energy-saving battery.

This headset enables maximum connection possibilities due to its pairing trough NFC that allows a fast and stable link between the device and your smartphone. Also, the A2DP support improves the audio streaming.