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Secure Your Load

One way to ensure that your truck is pulled over is to leave a trail of debris as you drive down the highway   Such a truck is an easy mark for truck enforcement agents and police officers.

An unsecured load traffic ticket in New York City carries a minimum of $250 fine and many judges will not plea bargain them down.  Further, these truck tickets are not repairable after-the-fact by adding a tarp or safety straps.

Safety Stops

Safety Inspections Are Conducted By NYSDOT & The New York State Police At Roadside Sites

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) lead agency. The New York State Police is the primary participating police agency. A number of local police agencies also participate on a periodic basis.

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Truckers transport 80% of all the cargo that moves around the United States, making this industry vital for the American economy.

It is no secret though that trucking can be dangerous; lousy weather conditions, long-hour drives and heavy loads make this profession one of the toughest ones out there. However, there are also good reasons to feel proud of such an outstanding job and service to our country.

Metal Polish

Keeping your rig shinny and polished is no easy task. There are many brands of metal polish on the market to choose from. One of the best liquid polish on the market today is Roadworks brand Metal Polish and Sealant.


Side Guards


Side underride protection devices that meet the Energi Compliance Standard


Side Guards are a configurable rail system made from aluminum or steel or fiberglass panels which are attached to both sides of large trucks, covering the space between the front cab and the rear wheels.



Cross Over Mirrors – For Pedestrian Safety

To help prevent further tragedies and help truck drivers reduce blind spots while operating their vehicles, the law in New York City and other cities having a population of one million or more must have a convex mirror on the front of the vehicle.  The mirror shall be adjusted so the operator can see three feet above the road, one foot directly forward from the midpoint of the front of the vehicle and extends the full length of the front of the vehicle.


Since the invention of the automobile there has always been a healthy competition amongst owners for the vehicles they love and whose ride is better, bigger, faster! Over the years, these events have been broken down into very specific niches. Some of the biggest events held are for semi and diesel trucks. People have gathered in fields, on black top and at racetracks all across the U.S. to compare their trucks against others.

Diesel Fuel "Gelling"

Diesel Fuel Conditioner/ Winter Chemicals

Diesel fuel is made up of a mixture of thousands of different compounds. Each compound has a different freezing temperature and physical property.When the temperature drops, diesel fuel turn solid when they reach their "freezing" point. Unlike water, however, they do not turn into ice. Instead, they turn into a thick, waxy substance that cannot flow through filters. This is what is referred to as "gelling". Gelling occurs in both diesel and biodiesel.