Air Breathers and Accessories

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Air breathers are designed to filter air coming into a truck’s engine. They are constructed of painted steel or stainless steel, and can be accessorized with light panels, front and rear, or air intake hoods. Air breathers and accessories are available for most tow trucks, semi trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks and may other types of commercial trucks.

Product#: 1AB

Air breather light bracket; polished stainless steel light brackets are sold without lights. Your can choose from any 2" sealed lights sold on this site. You must include part #LL111GP, grommet and plug. Grommet trim rings are optional-see Trim Rings under Lighting and Reflectors.

NOTE-this section is descriptive only - please call 800 270-6003 for information about the specific bracket for your truck. 

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Product#: AB700D

Donaldson style air cleaning housing; 13" x 26" with 7" inlet. 430 stainless steel construction. Mounting brackets and filter not included. Imported

Price: $676.49
Product#: AB700KW

Air cleaner mounting strap. Stainless construction for Kenworth. Sold separately.

Price: $75.45
Product#: AB700PB

Air cleaner mounting strap. Stainless construction for Peterbilt. Sold separately.

Price: $71.85
Product#: AB700V

Vortox style air cleaner housing. 15" x 33.5" with 7" inlet. 304 stainless steel. Mounting brackets and filter not included. Imported

Price: $676.49
Product#: CH630

Air breather inlet hoods are chrome plated only. Available for intake openings of 6" CH630-60, 7" CH630-70, or 8" CH630-80.

Price: $315.00
Product#: CH745

Polished aluminium air cleaner nut. Replaces ugly black nuts on all air cleaners

Price: $8.59
Product#: KW722

Stainless steel air breather fairings cover the ugly black intake hose. Sold by the pair

Price: $152.99
Product#: LLX3

Small star lights - fit 13" and 15" air cleaners. 24 diodes, tapes onto inner cap of air cleaner. Avaliable in amber LLX3A, red LLX3R, blue LLX3B, and green LLX3G.

Price: $56.99
Product#: test123

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Price: $100.00